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    ON AN ON

    ON AN ON

    Sometime in the spring of 2012 the musicians that would go on to form the Chicago & Minneapolis based trio ON AN ON found themselves at a tipping point. The three of them had played music with one another in various capacities for the better part of a decade. Most recently, they had shared the stage and studio as three fifths of the indie-pop outfit Scattered Trees, which had seen its fair share of success. But with the band’s studio time only a few weeks away and the other members now spread out across the country pursuing other endeavors, they would chart their own course and come out stronger for it. What emerged was ON AN ON.

    Give In, their ten-track debut album is a dream-washed textural journey armed with a biting perspective on life, love, and the commonality of loss. It is an affair that sizzles with electricity and calls one in with its unnerved openness.

    Brooklyn fantasy-pop duo, SAVOIR ADORE, open the night.

    Advance tickets on sale on Thu Mar 21 at Rotate This & Soundscapes, and online at Tickeweb.

    • Venue: Underground
    • Type: Live
    • Cover: $14 ADV
    • Time: April 12, 2013, 7 p.m.