Reading Between the Lines

Sept. 1, 2009 - Nov. 15, 2009

Kristiina Lahde . Jenn Stark . Sojourner Truth Parsons . Clint Griffin . Robert Waters . Mike Swaney . Kyle Monchuk . Guy Maddin . Paul Butler . Michel Dumontier w/ a special project by Micah Lexier

Reading Between the Lines is a show that explores materiality, specifically the many applications of paper in contemporary art practices. Despite the promise of the digital revolution to take paper out of our lives, it continually surrounds us. From the cash in your wallet to the newspaper that leads you to a movie theatre, where you hand in your ticket to get a seat. It is impermanent - easily dissolving in the rain or recycled into another item - yet its cultural implications are huge. With the rise and fall of currencies or ideas that become written into law, paper is the link.

Inexpensive and readily available, paper has been an important art-making material for centuries, used for drawings, later sculptures and more recently monumental installations. This show considers the many applications of paper-based practices. The works range from complex collage works to refined sculptures - the one unifying factor is a material that is so common that it seems any of us could pick up a sheet and create something new.