Permanent Collection

Our permanent art collection has been a labour of love since we first opened our doors.
From Drake’s inception, promoting and sharing art has been integral to our vision, and over the last few years we’ve had the pleasure of working directly with extraordinary artists
to develop site-specific installations throughout all our venues. Expect to see works that range from spare conceptual installations to site-specific murals to kinetic sculptures.
The collection is grounded in contemporary Canadian art with major works by notable artists such as Ken Lum, Micah Lexier, Isabelle Hayeur and Evan Penny. In addition, select works by artists outside of Canada create an international context for the collection.

Featured artists include:
Micah Lexier + 
Tyler Clark Burke
 + Bruce LaBruce + 
Isabelle Hayeur + 
Ken Lum +

Marianne Lovink
 + Evan Penny + 
Icelandic Love Corporation
 + Balint Zsako +

Francesco Pignatelli + 
TM Sisters
 + Ross Bonfanti + 
Paul Butler + 
Elaine Stocki + 
Søren Lose + 
Maya Hayuk + KNOW HOPE + more

Balint Zsako - UNTITLED (ROMANCE) (2010)

Balint Zsako - UNTITLED (ROMANCE) (2010)

Balint Zsako, UNTITLED (ROMANCE), 2010, site-specific mural,
approx. 3.6 x 10.6 m/12 x 35 ft