Exhibit Archive

Check out some of our past projects and previous exhibitions here.

  • Ms. & Mr.

    Oct. 1, 2006 - Nov. 2, 2006

    Australia's Ms & Mr use their personal and artistic matrimony - and often times monstrosity - as a means to measure time, tradition and sincerity.

  • Futuristic Folk Music + Turquoise Beeps

    Aug. 16, 2006 - Aug. 28, 2006

    Virginia Beach's Dearraindrop unleash an exclusive set of video, synthesizer tabla and daydream drum machines at Drake’s Notes from the Underground.

  • The Magical Mister Reggae Tour

    Aug. 3, 2006 - Aug. 28, 2006

    Fynal Glayse combines painting, drawing, sculpture and video, negotiating a charged terrain of desire and the uncanny + fantasy in everyday life.

  • Dog Daze

    Aug. 3, 2006 - Sept. 30, 2006

    Dog Daze disregards academic and aesthetic conventions in favour of experimental formalism, narrative and a strategy of insouciance.

  • Nature in the Garage

    July 29, 2006 - Aug. 6, 2006

    Utilizing the common garden shed placed in several locations, artists interpret the conditions of our natural environment within Toronto's urban core.