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An Orbit

April 21, 2017 - July 11, 2017

The Drake’s spring exhibition ‘An Orbit’ explores movement, elements in opposition, counterbalance and time. Featuring Azza El Siddique, Niall McClelland, Shaun Gladwell, Steven Beckly and Rachel Monosov.


Toronto-based Azza El Siddique is an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, painting, photography and film. She often uses non-conventional materials in her sculptures, such as tinfoil, liquid cement, scrap fabric and other industrial objects. Her work is a material exploration of adaptation to the environment. The objects are an industrial stand-in for personal habitat. El Siddique's glass panes supported by art-treated cinderblocks, surrounded by cast sculptures and re-imagined lattice fencing combine elements in playful opposition that work in total balance.

Azza El Siddique
The Palm of Your Hand Will Not Obscure The Sun, 2017
mixed media installation
dimensions variable


Toronto-based Niall McClelland's (b.1980, Canada) work is inspired by the punk DIY aesthetic and prioritizes randomness, allowing material to evolve independently within constructed environments. The work 'Dancing', from his series Tapestry, on view in the lobby, features a large photocopied flat-black piece of paper, folded and unfolded in systemic patterns. Often physically travelling with McClelland, the material responds to his movement and process by faintly revealing the white underlying paper with every bend and shift. An accumulation of memory embedded in the familiar object.

Niall McClelland
Tapestry - Dancing, 2011
Folded photocopy
61.5" x 93.5"


Shaun Gladwell (b.1972, Australia) is a contemporary artist whose work spans moving image, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance and virtual reality. Gladwell incorporates extreme sports culture into his work- resulting in beautiful photography and video art that portrays the human body pushing its limits. Much of his work captures movement and HD landscapes, often filmed in slow motion to emphasize the beauty of the human body versus nature. Gladwell's work in the back lobby featuring skateboarders highlights the subtlety and skill essential to perform fast-paced and complex skate tricks. Often viewed as a raw and extreme sport, the videos slow down each move to exhibit dance-like movements and moments in time where the balance between elements is captured in perfect harmony.

Gladwell is an internationally celebrated artist who represented Australia at the Venice Biennale in 2009 and will be installing a live performance of his video work Skateboarders vs. Minimalism on June 24th 2017 at The Drake Commissary, in partnership with Luminato.

Shaun Gladwell
Skateboarders vs Minimalism, 2016
Storm Sequence, 2000
Pataphysical Man, 2006
Video installation


Rachel Monosov (b. 1987, Russia) is a multi-disciplinary artist practicing in photography, video and sculpture. The work on view at the top of the staircase on your way to the Sky Yard features a portrait still from Monosov's video work with the character from the film in performance, their physical acts and environment altering between the real and the surreal, the natural and the synthetic, and the past and the future. The flag depicts another film still of the sky, an open, limitless space that represents all we share as one.

Rachel Monosov
Untitled, 2015
Flag + inkjet print (framed)
27.5” x 40.5” x 4.5”


Steven Beckly is a Toronto-based artist working with photography, publications, text, sculpture, and installation. Beckly combines other people’s memories with his own- creating work that explores complexities of relationships and levels of intimacy. He uses photography as a sculptural element, redefining the boundaries between 2-Dimentional and 3-Dimentional work that creates a dialogue between private and public life. Beckly's work on exhibit in the cafe explores the notion of opposing forces, light, and the ephemeral.

Steven Beckly
Airborne, 2017
Colour transparency; two parts
28” x 21”

Steven Beckly
I think about you most when I’m on a plane, 2017
folded photograph: two parts
2.5” x 4” x 5”

Steven Beckly
There's a land that I've heard of, 2016
archival print
12.5” x 17.5”

Thank you to the participating artists and their respective galleries.