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Meet the Drake AV (DAV) where our collective of 7 selected emerging video artists experiment, collaborate and create progressive video content within The Drake's locations. Kicking off its first semester, members work collaboratively to exchange ideas + thoughts about each other's work + the medium, allowing them to develop their work + share their art.

Keep an eye out on Drake TV screens for DAV members' original video art content - and when they're taking the world by storm, remember you saw it here first!

Drake AV Class of 2016

Drake TV

Still from Yoshihide Sodeoka's "Mutation", Undervolt & Co.
Still from Tobias Williams' "Power C", Synthetic Landscapes.
Still from a Carrie Gates' VJ set.
Still from Gwen Trutnau's "Brodeo in Space", RSN.
Still from Daniel Goodbaum's TVCITY Street Style.
Still from Sabrina Ratte's "Marooned", Plink Flojd.
Still from Brandon A. Dalmer's NOART.
Still from "Lido Pimienta @ The Garrison", Analog Preservation Network.

DRAKE TV is an interlacing of the past, present and future. Anchored by vintage film, a tribute to the history that inspired and defined the brand, accented by live footage harnessing the moments that bring the space to life every day, and showcasing contemporary video art - an ode to the Avant-garde art house approach that has kept the Drake at the forefront of it all.

Now, with the help of Drake AV, this platform helps to celebrate the creativity + innovation that goes into the the creation of original video art content, bringing the medium out of niche and into the mainstream.

Drake AV Members

  • Alec Emery Headshot

    Alec Emery

    Alec Emery has a uniquely diverse practice. Alongside a practice in experimental film/video and installation art, Alec often draws from his background as an actor to explore unexpected perspectives through live performance. Deeply concerned with the dialectic of conversation, as well as the production and subversion of meaning, Alec's works draw heavily from archival sources. He seeks to create new experiences that acknowledge the multiplicity of truth and the importance of lived experience as valid and essential knowledge. Alec completed a BFA in film at Ryerson University in 2016 and has exhibited works in Toronto and Montreal.

  • Alex Ricci Headshot

    Alex Ricci

    Alex Ricci is an AV artist living and working in Toronto. He performs with music and projections collective Versa, making live cymatic visualizations that respond directly to bass guitar. Using primarily analog equipment, Alex creates colourful and fuzzy video collage, which is often shown in conjuction with live music concerts. These videos have been shown at Nuit Blanche (renegade), Supernova Burlington, Empty Fest Sarnia, and Phi Rho Sigma. Alex is also an active member of the White House Studio Project in Kensington Market, where he serves as Events Coordinator. Alex is interested in interfacing old and new technology and exploring the artistic potential of immersive video devices.

  • Alison Postma Headshot

    Alison Postma

    Alison Postma is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program. In 2015, she was one of three nationwide recipients of the AIMIA / AGO Photography Scholarship. Her work is predominately photographic and sculptural – using video as an extension of photo-sculptural space. Her motivations for creating work in these mediums stems from her interest in the confusing experience of familiar spaces while dreaming and the way our perception of a space becomes distorted when interacting with a video or sculpture or photograph. Her current work is an exploration of light and wind.

  • Ben Tucker Headshot

    Ben Tucker

    Tucker studied Visual Communications at Medicine Hat College, Alberta; graduating in 2011 with a major in photography and film. His work focuses on space, time, and movement while trying to evoke some sort of emotional response from viewers, in order for them to draw their own meaning from within. As a young closeted gay artist, he drew from his own passion dealing with internal struggles and identity censorship, feeling as though he could use art to express what he may not have had the guts to express otherwise. As a young adult, he is excited about the changing times of our present day.

  • Chlor Brouitt Headshot

    Chloe Brouitt

    Heading into her fourth and final year at Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media, Chloe Brouitt is an emerging video artist with a passion for cinematography and visual storytelling. In the last year, she has completed several projects, including a dreamy music video and a short documentary about the tangibility of Polaroid photography. Inspired by everything from poetry to family and friends, she creates a hybrid of new and found footage. Using archival videos to create a certain aesthetic when blended with modern digital technology. She has also experimented with cryptic words and phrases layered over footage to alter the context of its setting.

  • Mike Reynolds Headshot

    Mike Reynolds

    Mike Reynolds, a video artist from Dufferin County, began his career in Toronto in 2006 projecting synesthetic pieces for live electronic music performances. He has since expanded his practice to include live video cutting, employing otherwise obsolete tech and circuit benders and scouring the city for rare and strange VHS tapes. His work aims to make the viewer take a breath, to examine their familiarity with the content. There should be a moment of recognition, while also experiencing something new. Recent projects include music videos for local band Germaphobes and Thrift Shop Dead Drop: A 100% analog video mixtape.

  • Stacie Ant Headshot

    Stacie Ant

    Stacie Ant is a Ukrainian born artist who recently graduated from OCAD University. She works in a wide range of media, specializing in video installation and compositing. Through the use of satire, parody, references to pop culture and misrepresentation of gender roles, Ant attempts to deal with the absurdities of the world. Her work embraces vibrant colors, fast paced editing and pays homage to mid-century visual aesthetics. She uses a wide range of patterns and textures inspired by Eastern European traditional art. Ant is engaged in several curatorial projects. The themes of which, much like her solo works, are chosen to satirize internet culture.

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