Drake AV

Drake AV (DAV) is a unique program that acts as a creative launchpad for emerging video artists in Toronto. The second cohort of this video art residency will work collaboratively to exchange ideas + thoughts about each other's work + the medium, allowing them to develop their work and share their art.

In partnership with Trinity Square Video, Drake AV aims to connect artists with industry professionals through tutorials, workshops + lectures. Over the course of the four-month semester, students will use The Drake Hotel and as a cultural hub to connect, collaborate + produce cutting-edge original video content that will be premiered at the Drake TV Artist Showcase (a.k.a. a killer video art party in the Drake Underground) + Nuit Blanche 2017. The works will grace Drake TV screens across all Drake locations, a one-of-a-kind platform for promoting + sharing your video art.


Trinity Square Video is a space to re-imagine media arts.

For over 45 years, Trinity Square has been a champion of media arts practices. Our activities are guided by a goal to increase our members’ and audiences’ understanding and imagination of what media arts practices can be. Trinity Square strives to create supportive environments, encouraging artistic and curatorial experimentation that challenge medium specificity through education, production and presentation supports.

As video-based practices have become increasingly present across disciplines, Trinity Square engages artists and curators in critical investigations into the changing conditions of perception, materiality and the virtual. In addition to holding aesthetic worth in its own right, our artistic programming extends our education and production activities in order to generate new knowledges.

Our membership represents the diversity of the city and honours the original mandate of the organization—seeking to reduce barriers to access related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio- economic and physical ability. In order to serve our membership effectively, to be as accessible as possible, and to keep Trinity Square vital and dynamic, we offer a variety of membership options, including discounted rates for students. Check out www.trinitysquarevideo.com for more information.

Drake TV

Still from Yoshihide Sodeoka's "Mutation", Undervolt & Co.
Still from Tobias Williams' "Power C", Synthetic Landscapes.
Still from a Carrie Gates' VJ set.
Still from Gwen Trutnau's "Brodeo in Space", RSN.
Still from Daniel Goodbaum's TVCITY Street Style.
Still from Sabrina Ratte's "Marooned", Plink Flojd.
Still from Brandon A. Dalmer's NOART.
Still from "Lido Pimienta @ The Garrison", Analog Preservation Network.

DRAKE TV is an interlacing of the past, present and future. Anchored by vintage film, a tribute to the history that inspired and defined the brand, accented by live footage harnessing the moments that bring the space to life every day, and showcasing contemporary video art - an ode to the Avant-garde art house approach that has kept the Drake at the forefront of it all.

Now, with the help of Drake AV, this platform helps to celebrate the creativity + innovation that goes into the the creation of original video art content, bringing the medium out of niche and into the mainstream.

Drake AV Members

  • Chris Vilvang Headshot

    Chrys Vilvang is an artist, filmmaker, and writer. His multi-disciplinary work focuses on the evolving relationship between media and memory. Drawing inspiration from his idyllic youth spent in front of the television, he reimagines his own documented experiences as fragments of a more fantastic ongoing narrative. Through the re-visitation and deployment of his growing archive, he assembles an unfamiliar and impossible past, creating alternative understandings of the present and new visions for the future.

  • Eli Schwanz Headshot

    Eli Schwanz is an artist, animator, director and designer living in Toronto. He received his BFA from Ryerson University and MFA from OCADU, with a focus on animation in the Interdisciplinary Arts, Media, and Design program. Eli continues to work as a director for MTV in Canada. His practice, working through media theory and animation methodologies, explores short, looped, experimental animation, installation, sculpture and patterning. His work seeks to open up conceptual spaces for viewer engagement with media through subtle and often passive interactivity.

  • Katie Kotler Headshot

    Katie Kotler is a Toronto-based an artist, curator and musician. She holds an MFA in Digital Futures from OCAD University. She has completed a residency with Studio Beat. Her practice involves animation and installation, integrating neon colours and geometric shapes, focussing on the abstract and non-narrative. Using the animation software, a multitude of projectors and mylar figures, Kotler creates a visual and sonic experience that is both synthetic and authentic. My work seeks to understand how artists achieved to establish a specific language in the past. She asks, how can my use of animation and digital projection work to either perpetuate or establish a new language? Katie is currently the Programming Coordinator at Xpace Cultural Centre. 

  • Kevin Holliday Headshot

    Kevin Holliday is an artist based out of Toronto. Currently a student at OCADU, their work is an investigation of the confluence between identity and popular culture. Their work is attempting to explore, and explicate, the coerced performativity of modern life, and the impact this has on self-conception. Holliday works in multiple media, video, installation, collage, etc, but always with a leaning towards the performative. Kevin hopes that his work creates a discourse about the increasing commodification of the self in contemporary society.

  • Sel Ghebrehiwot Headshot

    Sel Ghebrehiwot is an experimental filmmaker and video artist from Toronto, Canada who focus is on surrealist explorations of identity and culture. Technically hands on, she works as a director, videographer, and editor, creating digital brand videos and short form content. Ghebrehiwot is currently a member of the popular YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE's team as well as co-hosting a love and relationship podcast named Hot Tip.

  • Simon Falk Headshot

    Simon Falk is a Toronto based artist and a recent graduate from OCAD University with a focus on Drawing and Painting. With both tangible materials and digital media, he examines the notion of digital dualism and niche visual cultures such as Vaporwave and Y2K Aesthetic. His current projects - ranging from traditional paintings, GIFs, CGI stills and animations, Newhive webpages, panoramic videos and installations - confront the significance of digital painting and the material dichotomies of painting.

  • Sonia Beckwith Headshot

    Sonia Beckwith Cole is an undergraduate student of digital painting and animation at OCAD University. Working primarily with Photoshop and After Effects she attempts to blur the distinction between analogue and digital animation traditions by drawing on the strengths of handmade digital brushes, rendered textures and rotoscoped real world footage. Her animations tell personal stories through the fragmented narratives of obscured and painterly digital moving images.

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