Spa Offerings

Toronto Spa Hotel

Have a mani, pedi, massage and more in the comfort of your very own hotel room! Our in room spa services are available between the hours of 9AM and 10PM daily. Appointments are pending availability of our local on-call Toronto therapists.

  • Massages


    $135/1 hour | $165/1.5 hours | $240/1 hour couple | $290/1.5 hour couple

    A sequence of Swedish, Shiatsu, Stretch + Mobilization, affecting both surface and deep tissues. We work on the body's meridian lines, chakras and nervous system, with the option of using essential oils; please specify any sensitivities. + Massage Service for one Massage Service for two (couples/duo massage) + Massage services are available in Den, Salon, Suite and Studio rooms only. + Couples Massage services are available in Salon, Suite and Studio rooms only.

  • Yoga


    $170/1 hour

    Your private in-room yoga class is led by one of our experienced teachers who are able to guide you through a safe practice. All classes can be modified based on your specific need and requests.

    + Yoga Services for one or two

    + Yoga services are available in Salon, Suite and Studio rooms only.

  • Nail Care

    Nail Care

    Manicure $50/1 hour | Pedicure $85/1 hour

    Get buffed, filed + painted in the comfort of your own Drake Crash Pad!

    + Manicure + Pedicure



    + All items are subject to applicable taxes.
    + All prices are subject to change without notice.
    + A valid credit card number is required to process room charges.
    + 48 hours notice is required for cancellation of any request.
    + Cancellation less than 48 hours will result in a 70% cancellation fee.
    + All aroma therapy massages use natural oils to alleviate tension from the body.
    + All services are performed by licensed RMTs.