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  • Jazmyn Y3 Presents The Outer Space Debutante Ball (An officially sanctioned Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance function)

    A debutante ball presents the guest of honour to society as they embark on their next stage in life. This one is honouring a belle that may not be of this world...

    LSS Commentator: Overseer TKO Y3
    Commentator: Mother Slimthick Pink Lady
    1's & 2's: Avant Chord, Father Pleasure Y3 and DJ BlackCat
    Special Guest Judge: Fay Slift

    All Categories are OTA
    Realness – Charm the judges like a suave, bad-boy Han Solo. He always wore a vest and NEVER went anywhere without his blaster.
    Schoolboy - Anakin Skywalker was a padawan for years before he was a full on Jedi. Padawans (Jedi apprentice) always have a braid and Jedi Robes.
    Face - Metallics, Metallics, Metallics! I want to see galaxies in your eyes so do not skimp on the glitter.
    Bizarre – Show the judges the alien haute couture of far off planets. You MUST include a regal headpiece. Think Queen Amidala.
    Performance – I want to see flowing fabrics that mimic the flight of a shooting star. Your dips will be like the impact of a meteor crashing to earth.
    Ovah Heel – I want a heel that is out of this world! Sky high!!!
    BQUIP – I want the regal command of Star Trek Enterprise Captain Picard with the femininity of Captain Janeway. Don’t forget to exude sexiness like Diona Troy or 7 of 9.
    Body – You’ve just woken up from your cryogenic sleep in nothing but your space undergarments. Think Charlize Theron's Captain Vickers in Prometheus, but make it HOTT!!!
    Sex Siren – You’re an alien suitor from a far off planet. Seduce our judges and our celebrant while showing as much of that “heavenly body” as possible!
    Runway – Are you Sailor Moon or Tuxedo Mask? European must wear white gloves and incorporate a red bow in their effects. All American must wear a mask and present the debutante with a rose.
    OTA Best Dressed – Do you dare show up to the ball and upstage the celebrant? What would you wear to a formal gala in space? FF, DO NOT forget your clutch. MF, you need a little something that's silver.
    You will be photographed and filmed so MAKE IT HOTT!!!
    There will be an interactive photobooth installation by Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, Inez Genereux and Paul Hillier Photography so even if you are not walking, come DRESSED to IMPRESS!!!

    • Venue: Underground
    • Type: DJ, Theatre
    • Cover: PWYC, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross for continuing relief of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan in the Philippines
    • Time: Nov. 30, 2014, 7 p.m.