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    Fashion 2.0: Street Style

    Fashion 2.0: Street Style

    This summer, Textstyles.ca's Stefania Yarhi and the Drake will be co-presenting Fashion 2.0, a limited-run monthly talk + mixer series exploring fashion's evolution in the digital world.

    The series launches on Monday, June 8 with Street Style, a 5:30PM Room 222 Talk on the ongoing global phenomenon that has not only increased peacocking outside the shows, but also spurred trends off the runway.

    From 7:30PM onwards, we'll also be celebrating the 7th anniversary of Textstyles, focusing on Yarhi's most recent travels to Marrakech to help launch our Sky Yard Oasis.

    Stefania Yarhi is the creative force and visionary behind street style blog, Textstyles.ca. The Toronto-based writer and photographer launched the blog in 2008, inspired by other street photographers. Over the past few years, Stefania has travelled the world and worked with brands like Net-A-Porter, Cosmopolitan and Holt Renfrew. She's been brought on for campaigns with designers and editorials thanks to her sartorial eye. Street style has been more than just a meal-ticket over the years, Stefania has always been intrigued by its phenomenon and loves discussing just that—how the internet has changed the fashion world (for which she is ever grateful).

    • Venue: Sky Yard, Room 222
    • Type:
    • Cover: FREE
    • Time: June 8, 2015, 5:30 p.m.