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    Drake Lab: Strong Bold Unique Wild

    Drake Lab: Strong Bold Unique Wild

    From October 17-31 2014, Mohammad Rezaei is our Drake Lab artist in residence. His residency, Strong Bold Unique Wild, is an "everything up to now", a retrospective if you will, of all of his interests within the art world.

    For the duration of his time at the Drake Lab, He will bring together all of his most frequent collaborators, mentors and friends to activate the space. This residency will be a curatorial effort, an exhibition space, an artist lab, a studio space, a workshop and a pop up shop of sorts.

    "Growing up, I was surrounded by strong women. My grand father, a strong, logical and forward thinking man moved to Tehran as a teenager, worked his way up to have a life, put himself through school, raised my mother and her two sisters to be exactly like him. These women shaped me to be the person I am today. They share the same minimal taste in fashion and furniture, they all ended up being leaders in their fields, they each live in a different part of the world now, each one an alpha, a boss, all so confident their choices and aesthetics. I have been so blessed by these strong individuals in my family that in my adult life, I seek out the same company. Alpha females that know what they want and they get it."

    From October 23-27, Rezaei will present work made by his most frequent collaborators mentors, inspirations and friends: Julia Kansas, Lisa Folkerson, Joleen Toner and Sondra Meszaros. 6PM until late.

    Mohammad Rezaei is an interdisciplinary emerging artist, curator, art administrator and one half of the collective MTJR. (read Mount Junior).

    A substantial part of Rezaei’s art practice focuses on research, initiation and co-ordination of DIY art spaces, artist run centers, and curation in such spaces. This includes the establishment of several DIY spaces and festivals, curation of pop -up galleries and extensive involvement within established artist run centers and art galleries across Canada.

    As a curator, his interests lie within emerging forms of media, interactive and performative works that engage and ask for the participation of the audience, with a strong focus on emerging artists. He continuously works to provide opportunities for creation and development of art by emerging artists. His curatorial projects have been funded through successful grants from Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.

    As an artist, his work is a post studio research-based exploration and critique of the notion of identity in a fluid society. His work is largely “digital” based.

    He is the current programming coordinator at Whippersnapper Gallery.

    • Venue: The Lab
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    • Cover: FREE
    • Time: Oct. 23, 2014, 6 p.m.