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    Visitations is an intimate, interactive, supernatural adventure for 24 participants, played out across multiple spaces within the Drake Hotel and beyond.

    When Lucy discovers an ancient artifact in her parents' attic, she can’t imagine what it’s for. And when it starts speaking to her in her dreams, she can’t imagine how. But now it has given her a list of names... and yours is on it. Help Lucy solve the secret of the Sabbaticus and unravel the mystery behind her infamous great-grandfather Charles Hoy Fort, founder of the controversial science of Anomalistics.

    The Mission Business, creators of the award-winning ZED.TO, have partnered with the Drake Hotel to bring you a brand new adventure as old as time itself. Feel the fear, find the clues, and figure out the price some people will pay to prove that there is life after death.


    $40 - SHADE - For those who wish to play.
    The core experience: Your adventure starts here. Join up with one of our supernatural investigators and try to find out why you’ve been called by the Sabbaticus.

    $60 - SHADOW - For those who want to believe.
    The extended experience: Let our world start to invade yours before your adventure even begins! Starting the week before, you’ll receive three pre-show surprises delivered directly to you, to get you in the mood.

    $80 - SPIRIT - For those who need to know.
    The complete experience: Receive the three pre-show surprises, plus you’re invited to an exclusive prologue before the show, where you'll deeper into the story. Learn from Lucy herself all about the legend of Charles Hoy Fort and get an exclusive tarot reading to see what the cards have in store for you.

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    * Join us for dinner before or after the show and receive 25% off food items! *

    • Venue: Common Spaces
    • Type:
    • Cover: $40 / $60 / $80
    • Time: May 6, 2013, 6:30 p.m.