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    Workman Arts Poetry Anthology Launch

    Workman Arts Poetry Anthology Launch

    Please join us for the celebratory launch of Workman Arts’ inaugural poetry anthology, All That Is Real. Created under the guidance of Workman Arts’ poet-in-residence, bill bissett, over 25 poets contributed to the anthology over a four-year period. Several poets will read selections from the anthology, followed by an incredible sound poetry finale.

    “A gorgeous anthology of word and courageous psychik deed daring to bring memory loss and the gain of poetic celebration into a brave and honest collection of thoughts that embrace all that is real”- david bateman

    “Here you will find poetry that ‘rejects nothing and includes everything’ from angelic exhortations, searing testimony and self-talking wisdom to the vile bragging of demons. Sometimes the poems are naked and sometimes they revel in brash poetic finery but they never lose the urgency and the honesty of those who dare to report on ‘life beyond the edge of invincibility’”- Robert Priest

    All That Is Real Anthology featuring writers of Workman Arts: annalise, sara adams, bill bissett, antony canali, angela ching, miles cohen, julie crann, kate dejong, trees flenniken, gwendolyn, shawn glowaski, mitchell herron, patsy james, cory jensen, chadwick, juriansz, erika hamel, christina keddy, chad kelly, rita lianga, naomi laufer, lobil, jill mcginn, emily macnaughton, betty mirembe, eva mosher, diana peacock, helen posno, carrie steenburgh, freda sze, toshio, ushiroguchi-pigott

    • Venue: Underground
    • Type: Live
    • Cover: FREE
    • Time: May 5, 2013, 2 p.m.