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    Memphis Tuesdays w/ Young Running

    Memphis Tuesdays w/ Young Running

    Simplicity and sincerity are dying in modern music. Where many artists feel that the concept of roots-based music focuses on the rudimentary aspects of a song's musical foundation, in the eyes of Toronto-based quartet YOUNG RUNNING, there is a lot more to tend to than just churning up some instrumental soil.

    Conjoining the complimentary genres of indie, folk and roots to create a unique aural drive that is as captivating as it is distinct, their take on amalgamating the finer elements of influences including The Beatles, Radiohead, The Beauties, Iron & Wine, Death Cab For Cutie and Neil Young begets an unparalleled purity.

    Don't miss Young Running as they host Memphis Tuesdays in the Drake Lounge.

    • Venue: Lounge
    • Type: Live
    • Cover: FREE
    • Time: Dec. 17, 2013, 10 p.m.