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You May Feel Something

April 24, 2010 - June 21, 2010

Barb Choit + Tamar Halpern + Jeremy R Jansen + Sara Greenberger Rafferty + Berend Strik
Curated by Mia Nielsen and Bridget Donahue

Photographs often function as a window to a particular time, place or event; through media and the major events they recall, images play a huge part in our collective memory and represent an almost mythic status, providing a tangible record of our time.

In recent years, artists have tapped into and questioned this authority by going beyond lens-based photography, using photos themselves as source material for their work and pushing the boundaries of photography, experimenting with numerous techniques that destroy the integrity of the photograph itself. This exhibition explores some of the powerful results of these practices, which include submerging photos in water or obliterating the image with inks, while other images have been baked in tanning beds and some have been embroidered. In most cases, traces of the photo remain and along with it, that connection to history, to a kind of reality that only a photograph can imply.

The Drake gratefully acknowledges the support of Rachel Uffner Gallery, D'AMELIO-TERRAS and Stephane Simoens Gallery, who made this exhibition possible.