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The Writing on the Wall

June 20, 2011 - Sept. 5, 2011

Iain Baxter& + Kotama Bouabane + Graham Gillmore + Yvonne Singer + Trey Speegle + Gary Taxali

The Writing On The Wall explores how text is employed in visual culture and features works by established artists from Toronto, New York and Vancouver. Collectively, the works share a language laced with cultural commentary delivered through a wide range of media and application. Ian Baxter&’s iconic ampersand, now legally appended to his name, signifies the role of the viewer as a collaborator in his work. Yvonne Singer’s fluid + electronic fonts are segments of stories culled from larger narratives. Graham Gillmore presents paintings in an abstract expressionist tradition, interrupted by fragments of text, often characterized by satire. In contrast, Kotama Bouabane photographs heartfelt sentiments spelled in melting ice. Trey Speegle’s pop-inspired, paint-by-number compositions reveal phrases in paintings that appear unfinished, giving these words a sense of impermanence and are playful odes to the relationship between language and visual culture. This sensation is continued in the work of Gary Taxali and his site-specific treatment of the light boxes in the Dining Room. His illustrations are presented like sketch book excerpts, with images surrounded by phrases and doodles that contradict or recontextualize the more playful drawings.