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WayHome 2015

July 24, 2015 - July 26, 2015

Situated within a restored barn, this exhibition presented an opportunity to explore themes of nostalgia, the history of the area as well as the action on stage. But mostly it's an opportunity to work with some amazing artists who together turned this old barn into a site of thoughtful wonder.
Setting the stage in the barn is Tamara Gayer's epic 30ft tall vinyl installation mounted on a window. The NYC-based artist has created an effect that acts like a stained glass window, filtering the summer light through translucent vinyl to cast purple, orange and green patterns, across the space. The light plays over CONFETTISYSTEM's site specific installation decked through the beams in their iconic swags and diamond 'pinata' suspended sculptures. Made of reflective silver material (shredded emergency blankets), they are designed to absorb and reflect the colours of the adjacent installations. Overhead is Analog Preservation Network's Jumbotron, for this epic video installation, the artists take live footage from the main stage and process it through analog technologies to give them painterly, at times abstract qualities (for those who remember scrambled TV, this is the most surprisingly beautiful channel you could have hopped to ever see), giving viewers a unique opportunity to watch performances on the main stage.
Installations continue outside the barn with a pair of site-specific banners by Alicia Nauta. These collage based works, mounted on the front of the barn can be seen from across the festival grounds. Celebrated artist Charles Pachter lent two of his iconic moose sculptures to the exhibition, greeting festival goers with a little classic Canadiana. The back of the barn defines a collection of outdoor Drake restaurants and features a dreamy video installation by digital artist Carrie Gates whose glitched out imagery in kaleidoscopic hues inspire audiences all night long.

Curated by Mia Nielsen