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The Untitled Project

June 8, 2011 - June 19, 2011

A collaboration with Luminato, the Untitled Project is a series of shirts + posters commissioned by Toronto-based artist William Andrew Finlay Stewart. Each shirt is a unique line drawing by the artist, joining two points; or chose a poster and create your own Stewart-inspired drawing.

William Andrew Finlay Stewart's winning vision: "For this project, the shirts and posters will be printed with a very minimal image: two black dots and a space to write the edition:__ of ∞. I will then hand-draw a line between the two points and number it. The line may be simple, or it may be frantic gesture scribble. Some shirts will have a tidy contained image on the front, others might expand to cover all sides of the shirt. Every shirt will be uniquely drawn by the artist (at no extra cost). The edition may be just of 500, but in theory the project is limitless. The suggestion of the infinite edition is important, even if only 500 are sold."