Thoughts on the Flag: A Colouring Project

July 1, 2005 - Aug. 31, 2005

"There is a passage in Rhoda Kellogg’s book Analyzing Children's Art, where in response to a question about what his drawing means, a child responds, 'It’s not a story to be told. It’s a picture to be looked at.' A flag is an image with a story to tell - a tale of history and national identity - but it is a story that can be told in many different ways. Kids colouring, scribbling and writing graffiti in the ideologically cramped space of the flag suggest new uses for the flag, new stories to be told.

For a project sponsored by The Drake Hotel and The Power Plant and I gave images of Canadian and American flags to local children to colour. I then made a selection of their drawings and have installed them here and at the Power Plant. In addition, I have provided blank American and Canadian flag images for patrons of The Drake to colour. These will be collected and added to the kids' drawings already installed. As the title of the project suggests, to draw is to express ideas, and as the kid’s images show, they have a lot on their minds." -Glenn Ligon