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Aug. 28, 2012 - Nov. 12, 2012

Spill takes a look at contemporary painting from a variety of artists who are breathing new life into art’s most iconic medium. The show is marked by vibrant viscous colour and highlights artists who are experimenting with paint, using it as a sculptural tool, creating images that are at once abstract and representational or revisiting the traditions of history painting.

Clark Goolsby’s painted spaces are full of fractured planes of intense colour. He expands the painting space with a 3D installation in the vestibule. In the lobby, Montreal artist, Jennifer Lefort explores abstract painting traditions in ways that seem to channel images of microscopic organisms with action painting. Up the hotel stairs, Berlin-based painter Wil Murray’s vibrant installation is made by sculpting sheets of acrylic paint.

In the back of the lobby, a monumental work by Storm Tharp takes place of pride. The mixed media portrait combines rich detail set against pools of pigment that tip between realism and abstraction.

Brad Phillips canvases are copies, but not in the contemporary sense that implies theft. For centuries, young artists learned to paint by replicating the techniques of the masters. With these works, Phillips pays homage to the likes of David Milne, as well as the influence of peers, such as Jay Isaac. The dining room features text based paintings by David Kramer, with a series of vibrant works that are part confession, part stream of consciousness, delivered in fauve-inspired colour.

Special thanks to PDX Contemporary, Parisian Laundry, Monte Clark Gallery, Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects and p|m Gallery for making this exhibition possible.