Oct. 6, 2005 - Nov. 28, 2005

Montreal's Darryl Mahoney taps into a unique form of jewellery design. Specializing in cheap, found materials to create pins and brooches, his action figure accessories make their debut in the Café as wearable fashions.

As co-founder of the City Beautification Ensemble, a public art-intervention group, Jason van Horne strives to eradicate urban blight with site-specific, mood-enhancing colour schemes. With this in mind, van Horne expresses himself in "Scene of Catastrophe", which takes car crashes, imaginary cities and scenes from famous films, transplanting them into magical miniature dioramas.

Curator Jillian Locke has recently joined Team Drake as the Visual Arts Administrator! She is an artist, programmer and member of Toronto video art collective 640 480.