Power Plant Exquisite Corpse

Sept. 18, 2005 - Sept. 28, 2005

Ignacio Iturria + Graeme Patterson Curated and co-produced by Wayne Baerwaldt

Montevideo-based painter Ignacio Iturria and Woodrow, Saskatchewan, mixed-media artist Graeme Patterson are Drake's Artists In Residence, producing an exquisite corpse with drawing, painting, sculpture and digital animation.

From different cultural backgrounds and generations, the artists pay homage to family and friends impacted by the overwhelming socio-political and economic shifts in society over the last 35 years. Drawing on the mode of the surrealist's exquisite corpse, in which the role of chance and the unconscious are elements in the production of an artwork, each artist is ignorant of the preceding element. This unique collaboration between painter and artist-animator spans generations and geography, while considering the need for a unifying whole, the desire for shared experience and everything between Ignacio Iturria + Graeme Patterson.