Exhibit Archive

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  • LUMINATO 10_TROVE: By Scott McFarland

    June 10, 2016 - June 26, 2016

    Using the city of Toronto as one gigantic art gallery, Luminato Festival created an exhibition of the 50 most important objects, works of art + ideas that only a fraction of Torontonians know about. Photographed by artist and photographer Scott McFarland they're displayed in the open on public facing buildings - for everyone to see, for everyone to be proud of.

    You'll find two of these treasures on the Drake Hotel's Queen West windows for the 10th anniversary Luminato project that celebrates what makes this city special.

  • Last Nite

    Feb. 14, 2016 - April 20, 2016

    Embracing the wild and weird, and reflecting on the late-night, early-noughties hotel parties that broke the rules and launched a lifestyle.

  • Alex McLeod: Final Fantasy

    Oct. 3, 2015 - Oct. 4, 2015

    Alex McLeod, creator of dense and dreamy digital worlds took over the Drake façade in a guerilla style projection for Nuit Blanche.

  • Making it rain !

    Sept. 10, 2015 - Sept. 19, 2015

    for TIFF 2015, Drake teamed up with Daata Editions for a Drake TV takeover, presenting digital videos from Jon Rafman, Chloe Wise, Takeshi Murata, Hannah Perry and more!

  • In Black and White

    Sept. 4, 2015 - Feb. 10, 2016

    In many ways, we live in a pretty remarkable time when it comes to image making (and a whole lot more, but for brevity, we won’t address that here). Advances in technology mean anyone can take ‘perfect’ photos and 3D printing is revolutionizing the production of everything from sculptures and garments, to homes and human tissue. Today, the creation of virtually any image or object can seem effortless in contrast to the labour of past generations.