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New installations for the Fall

Oct. 4, 2010 - Nov. 15, 2010

Diana Thorneycroft + Know Hope

Winnipeg-based artist Diana Thorneycroft continues her playful photography series Group of Seven Awkward Moments with cheeky dioramas set against backgrounds of iconic Canadian paintings, including Tom Thomson's "West Wind", playing with our relationship to history, imagery and imagination.

In Toronto for mere minutes, Israel's Banksy, Know Hope, completed a site-specific mural outside the Hotel windows on the third floor. Unlike his temporary street pieces, this installation will be on view for the next year. "The work on the street is so fleeting, it has such a temporary nature that I have to produce a lot more. It has a shelf life, unlike in a gallery. And I also think that affects how people see it, they know it hasn’t been very long since it was created."