Jason DaSilva: Artist in Residence

Sept. 18, 2005 - Sept. 30, 2005

Jason DaSilva's work speaks to the ideas associated with immortality. The main character is on a humble quest to find it through financial success, iconography and self-discovery. Normalcy and structured lifestyle are critiqued by unassuming chance meetings with a troupe of cereal box icons, a bear mascot, death and so on.

"My work has given me ability to carry my artistic profession in responsible ways, which reflect the changing face of today's global village. As a filmmaker, I use the form to shed light, expanding communication on various topics, as they are relevant within history and place. I have persevered to look through the lens with my own eyes, being critical of media and culture and commenting/changing/critiquing through my work.

The series of comics that I will install in the Drake Hotel in September originate from over 15 years of story development carrying forth this theory, relaying how comic storytelling remains an imaginative and non-linear medium. In addition to displaying these comics I created, I propose to create a comic while at the Drake, which reflects the idea of an urban hotel and the development of a comic around the Drake. This will be a piece that will reflect my individual experience at the Drake and the environment." - Jason DaSilva