It’s The Same Outside

Oct. 6, 2005 - Nov. 28, 2005

SunTek Chung + Erica Eyres + Kate Gilmore + Kanako Sasaki + Kimi Weart + Yuh-Shioh Wong
Curator: Daniel Fuller

My thoughts for this show stem from conflicting passages in two texts that I always seem to return to - David Hickey’s "Air Guitar" and Jean Baudrillard's "America":

Hickey studies Las Vegas, America’s fastest growing metro area. Known as a destination for business conferences, drive-thru weddings and general debauchery, Las Vegas is far removed from its desert origins. In this milieu, Hickey complains of a yearning to stand alone. In contrast, Baudrillard’s "America" uses NYC as a subject. Two by two, one might survive the city’s crowds, but two is still not nearly enough. Baudrillard infers that to attain higher social ambitions, one must connect with many. However, within this, there remains a lack of camaraderie due to declining social values. In the USA today, with the endless cutbacks of social programs and mental health facilities, the social fabric is stretched to its breaking point. Acquaintances are potential madmen, neighbours are potential enemies and everyone is left to stand alone.

The work in It’s the Same Outside explores these themes of community vs exile, encroaching urban landscapes vs natural environments, social etiquette vs social unrest and freedom vs repression.