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I'm Not Here

April 21, 2011 - June 20, 2011

Alex Prager + Daniel Gordon + Geoffrey Pugen + Robyn Cumming + Sara Cwynar

I’m Not Here takes a look at the factors that influence a portrait beyond the representation of a face. Few faces will be shown; instead, you’ll be confronted with complex personalities portrayed through gesture, environment and sometimes abstraction.

L.A.-based Alex Prager builds a strong mise-en-scène in her work, leading the viewer to read images as if they’re still films. Sara Cwynar develops installations of personal ephemera, illustrating the life of an unknown collector. NYC’s Daniel Gordon builds life-sized sculptures from magazine photos and then presents photos of his subjects that are equally abstract, gorgeous and grotesque, while Robyn Cumming obscures the sitter's face completely when revealing her subject. Rounded out with Geoffrey Pugen’s film installation on the front of the building, adding another dimension to the construction of identity.

Special thanks go to Yancey Richardson Gallery, NYC; Wallspace, NYC; and Angell Gallery, Toronto, who made this exhibition possible.