I Love What You've Done With the Place

Aug. 1, 2004 - Aug. 31, 2004

Curated By Zoe Stonyk Eun Woo Cho's "Red Skirt" Eun Woo Cho uses fashion as a way of discussing issues of materialism, indulgence and beauty. Art, fashion, humor and politics will meet in this object and action. Zoe Stonyk's "Serenade Anything Taking her performance to the streets, Stonyk channels the spirit of Lloyd Dobler as she falls in love with the neighbourhood. Alissa Firth-Eagland's "Death by Dior" Eagland will haunt the grand staircase, creating a glamorous tableau combining elements of the historic, the present, the fictitious and the very tangible. Maria Legault's "Free Sugar" Get pampered in the Sky Yard! Legault will create a sensual and surreal experience sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.