Fantasy Island 2

Jan. 3, 2006 - Feb. 28, 2006

Joe Becker + Peter Burr + Rory Dean + Christopher Doulgeris + David Hevel + Alan Ho + Hooliganship + Cassandra C. Jones + Peggy Sue Kouroumalos + Little Cakes + Frankie Martin + Saira McLaren + Nancy Mladenoff + Shana Moulton + Zeesy Powers + Ted Tucker

At the site of academic collapse there exists a precipice, an irregularly shaped island, whose inhabitants are emigrants of the culture wars. Left to their own devices, these artists impose meaning in the absence of mutually assured symbols, replacing dogma with ritual, creating a new culture based on memories, remnants of history and the strength of their inner voice. As they realize that their view of the world is full of new mythologies, distant cries from a golden age relegate the members of this new culture to formulate meaning and narrative.

On this island we can find tiny gnomes hiding in blades of grass, rainbow coloured mushrooms sprouting rigorously from the forest bed, and the inhabitants waving to wise rodents as they ride alligators toward metamorphosing rainbows, swimming snakelike up a stream of expression.