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Nov. 27, 2013 - Feb. 11, 2014

This is a time of year that we look for magic. Whether it's searching for a stunning gift, taking in the twinkling lights or putting together the perfect outfit - it seems 'that magical thing' is always outside of us; for some it's perhaps just out of reach. But artists have been showing us the magic of everyday objects since - well - maybe ever since there were artists.

This season, we celebrate the beauty all around us with a collection of ready-mades and artworks depicting common objects in extraordinary ways.

The show opens with John Marriott's symbolically charged assemblage. Here he's brought together a replica of Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur, and seemingly struck down a urinal, a potent symbol of conceptualism since Marcel Duchamp signed one one "R. Mutt" in 1917. The chalkboard displays two photos of an old chain-link fence by Montreal-based artist Michel de Broin. Rendered in cyanotype, the sections of fencing appear to float on a ground of indigo. Removed from the context of its surroundings, the piece calls attention to the simple beauty of the objects, despite, or perhaps due to the state of disrepair, making them reminiscent of hand-made lace.

Behind the front desk is a clock by Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, known for his sculptural works and performances that have been presented by MoMA PS1, Art Gallery of Ontario and Tokyo Wonder Site. Like many of Neuspiel's sculptures, it's imbued with a great sense of humor. Here, the numbers on the clock are replaced by food items.

In the back of the lobby is an installation of photos by Chih-Chien Wang. These simple, spare photos document items in the artist's home - a pile of receipts, a drop cloth, a grapefruit - all imbued with a poetic simplicity. More photo-based works are seen in the cafe, this time by Toni Hafkenscheid; who's unique technique makes buildings and historic sites look like tiny models or miniatures.

With this exhibition we invite you to slow down and take a long look at the magic of the everyday. It's all around you.

Sincere thanks to MKG 127, Pierre-Francois Ouellette d'Art Contemporain, Division Gallery, Narwhal and Birch Contemporary for their support of this exhibition.