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Earnest Reverie

June 24, 2010 - Aug. 30, 2010

Andrew Harwood + Laura Kikauka + Lynne Heller + Bonnie Lewis
Curated by Meghan Bissonnette, Anastasia Hare and Colleen O’Reilly

As an aesthetic sensibility, camp can be gaudy, beautiful, sophisticated or a combination of these qualities. From glitzy to kitschy, fantasy and thoughtfulness, it is idiosyncratic and marked by an absorption in the highly decorative. Susan Sontag, in her essay “Notes on Camp,” states artists who use camp tend to be “serious about the frivolous, [and] frivolous about the serious” (note 41) and declared it as both disengaged and apolitical, yet also addressing sober issues and treating its subjects with utmost sincerity. Inspired by Sontag’s description, we set out to find contemporary artists that employ an element of the fantastic in their work.

The artists of Earnest Reverie demonstrate an interest in the outrageous, a love affair with materials and objects, and a passion for thinking beyond the sensible in their work. The vivid colours and playful patterns expand out and take over, inspiring the mind's eye.

Special thanks to Art Gallery of York University, MKG 127, Edward Day Gallery and Paul Petro Contemporary Art for their gracious support of this exhibition.