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DTV 2015 Winter/Spring Season

Jan. 1, 2015 - July 1, 2015

Drake TV is a newly acknowledged stream of the Drake’s Public_Spaces exhibition programme. Screened 24/7 on a network of screens located in our different venues, DTV extends the Drake’s community-minded commitment to accessibly presenting the experimental and avant-garde.

For the 2015 Winter/Spring Season, assistant curator Rea McNamara has assembled a meta-esque programme that looks back at the irreverent legacy of public access TV Party television, but also zapping to today’s binge-watched channels of YouTube and Vimeo. Utilizing the television broadcasting convention of dayparting, McNamara curates within this framework a mix of international and local artists pushing the boundaries of film and video art.

Special thanks go to the artists, Adrienne Crossman, Steph Parrott and Brian Ireland.

// ART //

The Analog Preservation Network is a Toronto-based artist collective, headed by Damian Lebiedzinski, Paul Moleiro, Peter Rahul, Vanessa Rieger and Katie Switzer. They are committed to preserving rare and archaic technology by using it in combination with current technology to create an enhanced hybrid experience. They focus on creating live multi-sensory experiences for viewers, and pushing the boundaries of video art. This programme was specially commissioned for the Drake’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche “Safe Space” 2014 programme.

The Drake Hotel is proud to screen on DTV three commissioned VJ sets from the Saskatoon, SK-based live video mixing artist Carrie Gates. Gates’ video mixing performance work uses sound-reactive 3D processing and unusual rhythmic juxtapositions to create throbbing, psychedelic, responsive compositions that add a new dimension of interaction and intrigue to the environment. Abstract digital imagery is mixed live with hand-shot, performance-art-influenced footage, to create a hypnotizing, bent reality that is infused with concepts of visual music, set in a glitched-out 3.0 fantasy realm.

A solo programme of works by Brandon A. Dalmer
NOART is an exploration of video as a way of creating complex compositions. Originally intended as a way to create images which could be used as reference material for a series of paintings. Dalmer now layers scenes and effects from movies, commercials, cartoons, and even tutorial videos which are taken from YouTube using various computer programs and written algorithms to achieve a desired effect. The results are often hilarious and somewhat haunting.
Dalmer holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and has exhibited in a number of spaces across Canada such as Xpace, Stride Gallery, Haight Gallery, Untitled Art Society, Truck, Latitude 53, and the Art Gallery of Calgary. He has projected this content for a multitude of musical acts and events, including Long Winter, Ghost Hole, Feast in the East, Unaffiliated, and Valloween. Currently he resides in Toronto where he lives and works.

Plink Flojd is a super audio/visual collective started by David Quiles Guillό with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and Eric Mast. They collaborate with artists from all over the world. Plink Flojd was originally inspired by Pink Floyd, but they’re not just another tribute project. They take homage to the next level and make a new art form. Some of their works show traces of the influences of Pink Floyd, some show none. Anything goes with Plink Flojd.
Featuring works by Andrew Benson, Cristopher Cichocki, Theodore Darst, Jeromie Lawrence Dorrance, Gusti Fink, Tony Halmos and Rea McNamara, Manuel Fernández, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Eric W Mast Jr., Jonathan McCabe, A. Bill Miller, Lorna Mills, Brenna Murphy, David Oppenheim, Eva Papamargariti, Alex Peverett, Sabrina Ratté, REDSMOKE, Yoshihide Sodeoka, Jimmy Joe Roche, Jeremy Rotsztain, V5MT and Mario Zoots.

Curated by Cameron Lee
Rea McNamara’s Sensory Exercise (2015) is part of an ongoing project exploring the intimacies and experiences tied to sensory integration. This hour-long projection contains documentation of site-specific performative interventions by McNamara -- a hand with red manicured nails moving through a range of tactile natural and artificial sources, including flowers, fabrics, furs and water -- as well as found user-generated YouTube videos of water slides, gardens and car washes. The work was commissioned by Cameron Lee for Feast in the East.

Curated by Adrienne Crossman
Synthetic Landscapes is a series of animated videos by emerging Toronto New Media artists. Ranging from stop motion claymation, glitch art, digital 3d renderings and analogue television effects, each work explores it’s own version of the artists unique created environments.
Featuring works by Adrienne Crossman, Sarah D’Angelo, Brianna Lowe, Peter Rahul, Philipe Blanchard, Lauren Pelc-McArthur, Niki Sehmbi and Tobias Williams.

A solo programme of works by Daniel Goodbaum
TVCITY Street Style compiles footage shot from 2011-2014. The videos combine the street fashion photography of Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman with cinematic aesthetics derived from Feminist Film Theory and the 'City Symphony' genre. The aesthetic and process ensure a diversity of subjects, and force a constructive mode of viewership.
Daniel Goodbaum is a video artist and performer from Toronto, His work has been in the New York Times,, His award-winning fashion videos, produced independently and for the Globe & Mail, drawn from his study of experimental film. He performs regularly at Doored, a monthly performance art and comedy show organized and hosted by Life of a Craphead (Jon McCurley and Amy Lam).

Undervolt & Co. is a label for experimental video artists. Founded in 2013 to create an online distribution platform for experimental video art, Undervolt & Co. rejects traditional ideas of scarcity to embrace an internet-era model that allows for infinite copies. The artists on Undervolt & Co.’s roster create challenging works of sound and image that explore the vast possibilities of their tools and the very edges of the medium. Underlying their efforts in a collective earnestness that manifests broadly from horror to psychedelia to nostalgia.
Featuring works by Cristopher Cichocki, E*Rock, Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman), Adam Ferris, A. Bill Miller, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Sabrina Ratté, Javier Galán Rico, Jimmy Joe Roche, Spectral Net (Birch Cooper, Brenna Murphy, Sabrina Ratté, Roger Tellier-Craig), Yoshihide Sodeoka, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Johnny Woods and Giselle Zatonyl.


Curated by Rea McNamara
The Prelinger Archives was founded in 1983 by Rick Prelinger in New York City. Over the next twenty years, it grew into a collection of over 60,000 “ephemeral” (advertising, educational, industrial and amateur) films. This programme includes a selection of Canadian amateur home movies that are part of the Archives’ Public Domain collection.

// FILM //

Curated by Clint Enns & Leslie Supnet (Regional Support Network)

Regional Support Network is a nomadic screening series started in Toronto, Ontario out of a desire to show experimental moving images from other cities un-mediated by a Toronto curatorial lens.

Featured filmmakers in this programme include Clint Enns, Scott Fitzpatrick, Mike Maryniuk, Isiah Medina, Leslie Supnet, Gwen Trutnau, Rhayne Vermette, Aaron Zeghers and Nigel Webber.