Drake's Street Side Cinema

Sept. 1, 2009 - Sept. 19, 2009

Jesper Just + Kelly Mark

As part of TIFF's Future Projection, Drake presents a cinematic diptych featuring recent work by Danish artist Jesper Just and Toronto's Kelly Mark. Both works come together to explore the construction of identity in cinema, with only subtle hints at narratives and characters. Ultimately it is the viewer who must make a connection to complete the story.

In Jesper Just's "A Vicious Undertow", youth, beauty, and sexuality permeate the film's rich texture, while tones of melancholy and naiveté obscure the characters, their relationships, and the film itself, with swaying currents of unrequited moments.

"A Man & A Woman" is a text-based video by conceptual artist Kelly Mark, scrolling through descriptions of lead characters in movies. The piece starts off with one-word descriptions, with added adjectives creating more complex descriptions. As a result, each character opens up a new potential identity and story line set to a gorgeous soundtrack - Bach’s Goldberg Variations, as played by Glenn Gould.