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Drake Lab: TALWST - Nubians

Feb. 9, 2015 - March 5, 2015

From February 12th - March 5th Canadian Artist TALWST presents his ‘Nubian’ Series in joint efforts with TD’s Then & Now Series and Drake Lab, to spread knowledge of Black history and identity through visual art in the Western context.

A Trinidadian-Canadian identity ignites provoking work from Toronto-based artist, TALWST, who explores the Black identity in North America and Western Art. The collection of 15 hand-held dioramas, housed in reclaimed ring boxes, work their way through what it has meant to be ‘Black’ throughout history. This body of work meticulously and thoughtfully seeks to revoke the notion of Black as ‘other,’ as it has been repeatedly presented and accepted as norm in Western art tradition. Through the artist’s use of a monochromatic palette, the viewer must train the eye to ascertain the Black figure within the compact work. TALWST elaborates, “Through the primary use of various tones of black in my work, I seek to demonstrate and celebrate the very depth of ‘Blackness,’ in homage of the many great artist that have come from the African diaspora.”

The opening night of The ‘Nubian’ Series will be a unique opportunity for audiences to engage with the artist and his work, which places itself against the traditions and trends in Western art both artistically and conceptually. This project subscribes to the apt notion that a little can go a long way.

TALWST says regarding his series "The intricacy of my work draws viewers in, and it is my goal that once the viewer begins to move through my body of Jewelry Box Dioramas, the Black figures within them, will no longer feel exotic. The work itself will be housed in individual plexiglass boxes and placed on stained wood bases alluding to anthropological museum displays. I will utilize various social media facets, such as Instagram to document my artistic process and to promote the final event."