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Drake Lab: Akin Collective

Oct. 1, 2014 - Oct. 16, 2014

From Oct 1-16 2014, Akin Collective will be our Drake Lab artists-in-residence.

Over the course of 14 days in the streetside storefront space, artists Michael Vickers and Oliver Pauk have invited 12 of its past and present members to create new site-specific work for the Drake Lab.

A vinyl calendar will be posted onto the window with a different member for each of the dates in the lab. Each day a new artists will be using the space as their studio and create work that not only builds off of the works that have come before them, but continues to explore the overarching theme of what constitutes a studio, what it means to have a shared working space, and what the difference is between working a day job and working on your creative practice.

Participating artists:

Diana VanderMuelen (Monday October 6) is a Canadian multi-media artist, using collage as a medium for exploration through digital and atmospheric installation. Her work studies natural psychedelia and imagined spaces as a route for optimism.

Jan Ollner (Tuesday October 7) is fascinated with the inherently fragile and fluid nature of memory and how it’s vulnerable to inconsistencies and manipulation. Figurative painting articulates this struggle to understand the world by layering different elements to create something tangible. Using historical photographs as a point of departure, Jan creates obscure and fragmented imagery that abandons representation in favor of compositions that extract the familiar, the ethereal, and the sublime. Each painting highlights the tension between the captured image and its interpretation.

Chris Harms (Wednesday October 8) is a self-taught artist living and working in Toronto. From the omnipresent reconstruction of our city, he has chosen a symbol that he feels represents new beginnings and promises. Working with colour, light, and space, his aim is to give a sense of optimism and possibility.

Danielle Meder (Thursday October 9) is a fashion artist and writer, whose work deals with the ephemeral nature of fashion, beauty, and fame. She is best known for her spontaneous live runway sketches and detailed designer paper dolls. Her illustrations have been featured in Women's Wear Daily and FLARE Magazine, and she's worked with clients like The Hudson's Bay Company and Bloomingdale's, in addition to being a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail.

Mary Grisey (Friday October 10) is a sculptural installation artist from San Francisco, California. She received a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008) and a BA in Painting and Drawing from Marist College (2006). She has exhibited her work across the United States and Canada including New York, Chicago, Kentucky, San Francisco and Toronto. She recently completed her MFA in the Visual Arts program at York University in Toronto, Canada (2014) and will be attending the Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency in the Fall of 2014.

Stephanie Flowers (Saturday October 11) completed her BFA in Sculpture & Installation at OCAD University in 2013. She also completed a minor in Material Art and Design, where she specialized in Ceramics. Currently living and working in Toronto, her practice addresses the scientific body on display and its’ paradoxes. By translating their poetic and grotesque qualities into minimal forms that are uncanny yet familiar she hopes to create alternate ways of understanding.

Melissa Fisher (Sunday October 12) uses shapes, geometries and colour to abstract personal realities into formulaic visuals. Making things in, with, and inspired by space(s) her site-specific installations use/re-use materials and objects from her growing archive of collected matter. She obtained her BFA from OCAD University and currently works out of her studio on Toronto Island.

Matt Greenwood (Monday October 13) creates projection based, site specific art works using 3D animation. His work explores ideas linked to replication and the concept of the unique within a digital medium.

Juliana Neufeld (Tuesday October 14) is a painter and full time illustrator living in Toronto, Canada. Inspired by children's books and cartoons from the 1940's and 50's , her work playfully subverts our associations of whimsy, creating a new visual narrative around the characters and landscapes from the bedtime stories of our childhood. Neufeld has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries in L.A, France, and Japan. Some of her clients include Little,Brown Publishing, The Globe and Mail and Arts & Crafts Records.

Michelle McGeean (Wednesday October 15) is a visual artist currently working in Toronto, Ontario. She received her Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Western Ontario in 2011. Her practice is concerned with drawing a link between language, sculpture, architecture and the page.

Born in Southern Spain in 1979 in a family of biologist, Coco Guzman (Thursday October 16) spent most of his childhood drawing and copying painting masterpieces. After a first year of undergraduate studies in Spain, he moved to Paris where he obtained a MBA in Comparative Literature, followed by a BA by the Fine Arts School in Toulouse. In 2006, he moved to Canada, first to Montreal and then to Toronto, where he has been living and working as a professional artist since 2012.