Dog Daze

Aug. 3, 2006 - Sept. 30, 2006

Larry Bamburg + Patrick Borial + Olivier Cans + Tyler Coburn + Nathan Fielder + Fynal Glayse + Tawab Hlimi + Rhett Larue + Jon McCurley + Tibi Tibi Neuspiel + Nick Payne

Dog Daze is the haze that we find ourselves in during the depths of summer when Sirius (the dog star) is lost in the glare of the Sun, a period of invisibility for northern hemisphere observers. In the artistic sense, Dog Daze proposes that academic and aesthetic conventions should be disregarded in favour of experimental formalism, narrative and a strategy of insouciance.

Dog Daze, the exhibition, provides a forum for artists who practice the purposefully naïve, avoiding recognizable visual tropes that are informed by the market or institutional influences.