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In The Corner of My Eye

April 26, 2012 - June 18, 2012

Over the last century or so, we’ve put a lot of faith into photographs. We’ve come to expect them to provide a window to another place or time, and perhaps most significantly, represent factual information - the photo finish. However as digital technologies have become more sophisticated and the tradition of retouching photos more interpretive; the medium is, in a sense, becoming more mutable, more painterly.

In step with changing technologies, artists are re-evaluating how photos are seen in a gallery context. In one recent development, artists are incorporating photographic details into larger installations or sculptural works. These are photos that have been stitched and folded, drawn on set and set in relation to sculptural objects. Here, the photos appear to recede into space, while the objects, thread and paint play in the space above - enriching cultural investigations of memory, space and the formal relationships between object and image.

With works by Toronto’s Jeremy Jansen, Brendan George Ko and Nadia Belerique, along with Brooklyn-based artists Letha Wilson and Matthew Craven and Chilean artist, Maria Aparicio Puentes in her first Canadian show.