Beautiful Loser

Nov. 1, 2007 - March 14, 2008

Harold Town was Canada's original art star. Beginning in the '50s with Painters Eleven through the Op Art movement of the '60s to the heady art world of the '80s, Town was lauded as one of the greatest artists in the country. He represented Canada at two Venice Biennales and his works are held in the collections of the Tate, London and Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Capturing the imagination of the Canadian people of what an artist could be, he was outrageously prolific with a flamboyant, theatrical personality. Today Harold Town is seen as an enigma in Canadian art history, unclassifiable for his chameleon-like works that span different mediums and styles. Featuring sublime early abstract paintings, complex collage works, intricate drawings and late sculptures, Town's work takes place outside of the shifting glances of fashion, which may celebrate an artist one moment and vilify him the next. Here the works stand alone, fresh for either reconsideration by a jilted viewer or a first date with an entirely new audience.