The Drake’s artist-in-residency program has been a key part of the hotel’s cultural identity since we opened in 2004. Inviting local and international artists to temporarily call The Drake home “allows us to be a genuine part of emerging culture” says in-house curator and Head of Cultural Programming Mia Nielsen. The artist-in-residency program was developed to give visitors access to artists from all over, in a setting that’s less intimidating than a traditional museum. That said, we’re supportive of local institutions as well! As the cultural landscape changes in Toronto, opportunities open up for us to bridge the gap between artists, institutions, and the public.

Our residency program expanded along with our properties when we opened the Drake Devonshire in 2014. The Devonshire offers artists an escape from the city in Prince Edward County, and has hosted several artists including Illustrator Ness Lee, digital artist Alex McLeod, and collective Team Macho. Future residencies at the Devonshire will include artists of different disciplines like writers, musicians, and even dancers.

Maya Hayuk working

2017/2018 Artists in Residence

  • Cris Derksen

    2016 Juno Nominee Cris Derksen is known for weaving layers of sound into her performances. Her 2015 album "The Orchestral Powwow Project" is evidence of a highly collaborative and laborious effort to compose and transcribe using Tribal Spirit’s library of powwow albums.

  • Charles Bierk

    Charles Bierk is a portrait painter based out of Toronto. His large-scale black and white paintings easily bring to mind early works by acclaimed portrait artist Chuck Close. Bierk (who graduated from OCAD in 2011) photographs close friends, family, and peers before rendering their likeness in hyper-realistic oil paintings.

  • Michael vickers

    Michael Vickers works in the space between sculpture, painting and installation. His recent work investigates the limits of different materials and presentation methods - painted, curled and bent forms made of various painted aluminums and steels, etched and engraved stone and marble works, and installations that activate the exhibition space in various ways. Vickers holds an MA in Art History from the University of Toronto and an Honours BA in Visual Arts & Communications.

  • Dean drever

    Dean Drever is a visual artist working primarily in sculpture and installation. Drever's work explores themes of power, violence, symbolism, and socio-cultural identity. He is well recognized for his piece Bear Hunt, displayed at the Toronto Sculpture Garden and the Vancouver Olympics (2010).

  • Sandra Brewster

    A multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Sandra Brewster’s practice investigates personal, social, and cultural identity, as well as themes related to representation and identity. Sandra has been the recipient of grants from the Toronto, Ontario, and Canadian Arts Councils. She holds a Masters of Visual Culture of the University of Toronto.

  • Peggy baker

    Peggy Baker is an established modern dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She was the first person selected to receive the Ontario Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. She has also been awarded the Order of Canada for Excellence in the arts. In 1990, Baker founded Peggy Baker Dance Projects a non-profit organization that encourages the growth and sustainment of dance programs.

  • Alicia Nauta

    Alicia Nauta's practice spans many forms and media while remaining cohesive and easily recognizable. Her signature techniques include collaging printed materials and utilizing patterns and symbols to hint at other worldly spaces.

  • Dr. Draw

    Dr. Draw is an accomplished electric violinist, and is recognized as the "first violinist to venture from rock and classical into electronic music culture". Dr. Draw's practice seamlessly melds an old school instrument with contemporary influences.

  • Rajni Perera

    Though Toronto based, much of Rajni Perera's success has come internationally from exhibits in the US and Europe. Perera herself is Sri Lankan born. Her work represents women of colour, contextualized in dreamy and symbolic laden environments.

Artist in Residence Installations

Gustavo Prado
Maya Hayuk
Mark Titchner
Marlon Griffith
Team Macho

Past Artists in Residence

  • Mark Titchner

    In 2006, English installation and mural artist Mark Titchner received a nomination for the prolific Turner Prize. Titchner lives and works in London, and has been included in the Venice Biennale, and participated in a residency at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Titchner’s text-based images reference motivational posters and draw influence from philosophy, graphic design pop-culture, and even heavy metal.

  • Winnie Truong

    Winnie Truong is a Toronto-based artist, best known for her delicately rendered colour pencil drawings. Truong’s work represents a dichotomy between two subjects like beauty and repulsion or familiarity and discomfort. Since receiving a BFA from OCAD University in 2010, Truong’s work has exhibited locally at the MOCCA, and internationally at VOLTA (New York), Art Copenhagen, and Athen B. Gallery in Oakland.

  • Maya Hayuk

    Born in Baltimore, American artist Maya Hayuk is recognized for her large-scale painted murals. Hayuk merges patterns, vibrant and neon colours, and dripping or translucent painted layers to create her signature psychedelic imagery. Hayuk has held solo exhibitions and installations at The Hammer Museum (LA), MOCCA (Toronto), and the Bonnefanten Museum (Netherlands).

  • Ness Lee

    Ness Lee is an artist and illustrator based in Toronto. Lee works in a variety of materials and sizes: from large-scale painted murals, to wall prints and hangings, to hand-held ceramics and enamel pins. Lee pulls inspiration from her background and personal narratives, focusing on themes related to female sexuality and cultural expressions and expectations. Lee’s illustrations have been featured in Lucky Peach and Bust, and exhibited in group and solo shows in New York, Boston, and Toronto.

  • iain Rowe

    Though born and raised in Canada, Iain Rowe has spent much of his professional career as a ballet performer and independent choreographer abroad. At the age of eighteen, Rowe left Toronto to join The Royal Danish Ballet. In 2009, he made the move to New York where he eventually earned a master’s in choreographic studies from NYU. Now back in Canada, Rowe continues his to build on his practice by developing choreography for classical ballet and contemporary dance companies.

  • Gustavo Prado

    Born in Brazil and based in Brooklyn, visual artist Gustavo Prado maintains a multifaceted practice that encompasses elements of performance, installation, video, photography, and drawing. Prado’s work investigates lapses in sensory perception and the relationship between an individual and their physical and mental understanding of their environment. Prado completed a residency at the Drake Devonshire in April 2016, and has since exhibited at Spring Break Art Show in New York, and at LURIXS Gallery in Rio.

  • Brandon Dalmer

    Brandon Dalmer is an artist and curator living in Toronto. With a degree in Fine Art from Alberta College of Art and Design, Dalmer utilizes installation, painting, and digital modes of production to explore themes related to impermanence and temporality, and the expanding role of technology in daily life. Dalmer has exhibited at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and curated for InterAccess Artist Run Centre (both in Toronto).

  • Alex McLeod

    Alex McLeod utilizes 3D modelling software to construct colourful yet dystopian artificial environments. McLeod’s rendered scenes often depict an otherworldly setting at odds with its inhabitants. McLeod is represented by Division Gallery (Toronto/ Montreal). His images have been shown Pulse Art Fair, MASS MOCA, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

  • Team Macho

    Lauchie Reid, Nicholas Aoki, Christopher Buchan, and Stephen Appleby-Barr make up the illustration and visual arts based collective known as Team Macho. Team Macho’s projects are diverse in style and media, but always manage to incorporate kitsch and humorous pop-culture elements.

  • Rebecca Ladds

    Rebecca Ladds is an emerging artist based in Montreal. Ladds’ photo-realistic carbon pencil drawings are so detailed they’re nearly indistinguishable from black and white photographs. Ladds work often explores themes related to art history and self-identity.

  • Marlon Griffith

    Born 1976 in Trinidad and Tobago, Marlon Griffith began his career as a Carnival designer. As his practice as visual artist began to develop, Griffith continued to incorporate the participatory and performative elements of Carnival into his work. Unlike Carnival, Griffith’s performance work is pared-down and abstracted, allowing the viewer to reflect on its meaning and relevance to contemporary life.

  • Jason McLean

    Jason McLean hails from London Ontario. His characteristically frenetic sketches, paintings, and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries across the world. McLean’s work has been included in shows at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Loyal Gallery in Sweden, and Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Italy. McLean’s practice is deeply personal, and acts as a visual diary recounting his thoughts, movements, and daily observations.

  • Esmaa Mohamoud

    Esmaa Mohamoud currently lives and works in Toronto, but grew up dividing her time between Canada and Egypt, spending her summers in Chicago. While completing her Masters degree at OCAD University, Mohamoud began to explore concepts related to black masculinity. Mohamoud continues to work with similar themes, and has exhibited at YYZ Artist Run Centre and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

  • Shannon Gerard

    Shannon Gerard is an Assistant Professor in OCAD University’s Publications and Print Media Department. Her practice spans a variety of disciplines from material art, to printmaking, to installation and public engagement initiatives.

  • Curtis Talwst Santiago

    Curtis Talwst Santiago is a Canadian-Trinidadian mixed media artist currently working in Brooklyn NY. Santiago’s work investigates issues of transculturalism, socio-political ideologies, and 21st century Diaspora. Santiago’s widely exhibited Infinity Series re-purposes tiny cosmetic cases and pill boxes, transforming them into miniature dioramas, depicting scenes of police brutality and black culture/ identity.