Artbreak Hotel

Aug. 8, 2005 - Aug. 31, 2005

Iain Baxter + Leonard Cohen + Nan Goldin + Arnaud Maggs + Jonathan Monk + Francesco Pignatelli + Derek Sullivan + Zin Taylor + Wolfgang Tillmans + Glenn Ligon

The relationship between urban hotel and its environment is complex and fascinating. The hotel acts as a town square, opening its common areas to the needs of the local community. English novelist Anthony Trollope noted that American hotels are surprisingly open to the public - as open, he felt, as the street. The hotel acts as a custodian within its neighbourhood, a refuge for those who seek intimacy + privacy and a necessary roof over one’s head for those displaced from their normal habitat. It also acts as an architectural and design pioneer, showcasing what's new and exciting in the world of design and technology.

Artists embraced the democratic spirit and novelty factor within hotels from an early period. Living vicariously through the affluent traveller, the artist developed an affinity for meeting in hotel bars and lounges, becoming fully immersed in the escapist and sexy nature of hotels. Being an observer, the artist met countless global nomads and shared stories, bartering their works to live, drink and eat in hotels - and even leave a legacy of dying in hotels.

The more things change in respect to hotels, urban settings, artists, local communities - the more they stay the same. The threads are as tightly woven as ever.